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This is the room where we always dreamed of grass and splendid evenings.

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Wedding Writing
sarah & joe
I recently read a book I like about weddings. I liked it so much I sent the blog related to the book a submission based on my own wedding planning experiences lately, and they told me they loved it and put it up on the site. It has gotten a lot of positive feedback, so I am all Beaming McBeamersons over here.


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(Deleted comment)
Danke danke! And worry not, Spencer of Honor, you have been nothing but a delight. For realsies.

Now that I am pretty much through with the Deciding Things and Hiring People phases (the most unnecessarily stressful part of everything) I am just very excited to see everybody come together for it! Whee! And Joe's wearing a tux, which will be a joyous novelty for all. :)

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