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This is the room where we always dreamed of grass and splendid evenings.

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An August Life
she's tangerine


Respected and impressive: "she was in august company".
Synonyms:stately - grand - majestic - lofty - sublime

lol, majestic. I do like that phrase, though, "an august life," especially since Joe and I tied the knot and moved to New Mexico all in the grand month of August.


A lot has obviously happened since my July entry! (Hopefully you have been keeping up on Facebook. That is pretty much where I live these days so I can keep in touch with everyone.) We got married on a sunny, sunny afternoon and got to see so many of our wonderful friends and family in one place. ♥ There was a big cookout afterglow following the reception, which ranks right on up there with one of my all-time favorite parties. We canoodled the weekend away at an awesome local bed and breakfast and then began packing everything we could into Joe's Versa. We arrived in the Land of Enchantment on August 9.


We spent the rest of the month furnishing our apartment, learning where important places were in town, and doing other Adult Things like purchasing cable and Sam's Club memberships. We also watched many, many TV shows on DVD - Parks and Recreation, Community, Breaking Bad. It has been a magical whirlwind of study groups, town forums, and meth. 

At the beginning of this month, I got a job! I am a toddler teacher at a nonprofit arts preschool. :) It is a (gasp) full-time position, with things like paid vacation days and quasi-catered staff meetings. There are many challenges, as is always the case with new things, but also many triumphs. They created an awesome fall mural in our room that I love, and last night some of them were even brave enough to perform with the big kids for the Harvest Performance and Potluck. The director of the school is an amazing lady named Martha, a passionate dancer who began teaching children to encourage them to use art and movement to experience the world. We do a lot of multicultural activities too - they learned about Vietnamese harvest rituals a week or two ago, whut! - which I love. 

The one issue with the job that initially concerned me was getting a ride home. My day ended when Joe's classes began! After experimenting with public transportation and posting a job offer on the college campus, I met a lovely student named Felicia who gives me a ride Monday - Thursday for weekly gas money and a bit more thrown in for miracle-providing. It has been working out really well, I can't believe my good fortune. For the moment, we are a very successful "one-car family," as one person said. (This person is the director of another school in town, where I did some childcare the other night.)

Speaking of, Joe has been in school for about a month now. He really seems to enjoy it, and has made a friend who comes over on the weekends to study. It is great to see them debate philosophy and hang out together.

My coworkers are really neat people, and we have been able to meet up with some of Joe's classmates, but of course I miss my friends, family, and Small World community back in Midwest City. It is a great place to live, and I never realized how deeply I had settled back into it until we started ramping up to our move. This season will be very interesting, since my family has so many autumn traditions: Pumpkin Carving Day, football weekends with delicious food, the Ghouls Gone Wild Parade (more of a brother-and-friend tradition!), Trunk-or-Treating at Wickline. Joe and I will have to come up with some family traditions of our own, Santa Fe style! We have already decked out the apartment with fall leaves, candy corn, and ceramic do-dads. Perhaps a drive through the mountains when the leaves start to turn a bit more. :)

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Sounds very lovely! Happy for you!

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